With the new CBA there are changes to signing International free agents, likely wont have a negative effect on the Angels. The positive effect is that other teams cant spend as much, as showed here the Angels have spent very little in both 2010 and 2011 on international free agents

Under the new CBA teams have a 2.9M cap on signing bonuses. But there is a little wiggle room for about another $300,000

A team's six highest signing bonuses of $50,000 or less will not count toward its total. For 2012-13, players signed for $7,500 or less also won't count (in 2013-14 that number goes up to $10,000). So there's enough wiggle room to spend up to $3.2 million without facing any penalties.
These new rules start on July 2nd when the International Free Agency period begins. That means between now and July 2nd teams can spend as much as they want (like in the past), although most of the top talent from last years free agency class has already signed.