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We only use one TE in the passing game, so I think Beckum can actually play a decent roll for us as the 2nd TE, either in 2 TE sets or when Bennet needs a breather. He cant block though, but I still imagine him being another weapon for Eli on passing downs.
On 2 TE sets they try to sell the run (or actually run or give Eli an option), so Pascoe is the better option there.

Beckum can't block worth a **** and usually gets used as a slot target, but with the way Hixon, Barden and Randle are playing, there's no room there. Only other option really is in 3 TE short yardage situations, which is where Beckum got a lot of time anyway.

The other issue is, if Beckum is activated....who do you cut? Beckum wouldn't survive the move to practice squad and I honestly don't see many other guys they'd let go. Jernigan? Maybe Bernard to IR?