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Deep to me, means stacked with talent. That is not us. We are average at the LB position and have been for years. The only LB you can say that's good is Boley. How can you use Rivers/Herzlich/Paysinger to justify depth? One's a injury plagued bust and 2 are rookies who are solid on special teams who get no PT on defense really.

I never 'compared' Spoon to JPP, just said that while everyone loves to bring up the fact I hated the JPP pick, no one likes to bring up the fact the player I wanted for us is a stud. I have not once discredited JPP in this conversation. I guess I haven't been watching the Giants though, I didn't realize how good he's been.

I'd like to see the coaches/players calling him inconsistent if you don't mind.

How about that T2 conversation? Or the Tuck at DT debate?......

And the fact you think Boley is really really good is where I stop taking you seriously. Stop being a RIDICULOUS homer. Posts like this are why I can only come into the forum like once a week. I understand you love your players, but reality has to come in at some time. Weatherspoon's 2011 season was a level that Boley has never played at. Boley is NOT one of the best OLBs in football. Weatherspoon is. That is a fact. Fact. This is what I mean when I can rip you for the **** you say, because you're not educated on the NFL, which is fine because you love the Giants and you don't have to know about anything else. Just don't act like you know **** when you couldn't be more wrong.
Your so wrong here with Spoon, he's good but he's not even close to one of the elite lbs on the league, and yes I'm talking Boley all day over him.. Boley is the better LB..

We are deep at LB, Boley is obviously very good.. So is Rivers just has to stay healthy.. Blackburn is solid and is good leader, J Williams is a play maker, Herz is the future at MLB and in my believe gonna be very good. Kiwi is a beast strong side.. Stuff the run and comes off the edge extremely well..

T2 was not over rated, he was the best cb on this team when healthy.. But honestly. I don't even know why your bringing that up, it's kinda pointless now.. He's done..

As far Tuck at DT.. He's very good at playing the run.. One thing he hasn't struggled with this year, I trust him a hell of a lot more then Austin or Kuhn.. Austin is gonna get blown off the ****ing line all game and Kuhn isn't ready.. I also said we could put JPP inside since he's a beast no matter where he plays on the line..