Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell on Adrian Tracy: “We felt that he’s more of a defensive end. After looking at him for the past year or so, we feel that’s his strength and we can make some progress with him playing defensive end for us. He’s really strong at the point of attack. If you talk to (Defensive Line Coach) Robert Nunn, and if you watch him on tape and that type thing, you’d be surprised at how Tracy is strong at the point of attack – much stronger than he physically looks. But I think he’ll do well there.”
The first-team linebackers currently are Michael Boley, Chase Blackburn, and Mathias Kiwanuka. The second-team linebackers are Jacquian Williams, Mark Herzlich, and Keith Rivers. “Mark Herzlich had a great play out there today,” said Fewell. “He had a clinic play out there today. He’s done some nice things. When you see that, you want to expand him a little bit more. You want him to grow some more.”
Fewell on S Will Hill: “I’m very impressed with Will Hill. He’s 30 minutes early for the meetings. When I go into the meeting room, he’s always in there studying. He’s a very athletic young man. This is his second chance, so to speak. He is being the ultimate pro by the way he is preparing for his opportunity. Will made a play last Thursday, phenomenal, in our OTA practice. Absolutely phenomenal. If he can continue at this pace, and if he continues to learn and grow, he’s another guy when we get to the preseason games I hope that we’re talking good things about him because he is preparing to make this football team.”
The Giants have moved Janzen Jackson from safety to corner
This quote isn't very comforting:
We need (Brewer) to develop,” said Coughlin. “We need him to come along. We need him to improve. He has got to, again, understand the work ethic that those guys with lunch buckets come to the office with every day. And he has a little bit of ways to go there but he has made progress. And I think, for him, there will be another little step right here. But come fall we are going to need him to be as intense as he can possibly be and to understand what has to happen at this level for us to succeed and for him to be a part of it.”