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Well why the hell would you compare Dickey to Verlander or Kershaw when clearly they are the better pitchers to have?? I mean jeez. The question was asked because it's a good question up for the debate...this is a sports forum, correct? Lincecum is having a terrible year and Dickey is having an amazing year, and for that reason people feel the gap between them has been bridged and it's frankly a toss-up.
It's an awful comparison. Based off of this season Lincecum is arguably the worst pitcher in the National League. What's the point then? Obviously we're not comparing careers here because then it wouldn't even be close.

Should I start an Phil Hughes vs. Tim Lincecum thread? That way I can feel good about being a Yankees fan. That Hughesy, he sure gives up a lot of home runs but he's still better than Big Time Timmy Jim... right now that is.