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I made a great choice to start watching this show a few months back and I finally caught up the other day.
My fav seasons in order, plus quotes lol...

2 - "Jesus Christ, Morgan. Jesus ****ing Christ, you're the Bay Harbour Butcher!"

4 - "Hello... Dexter Morgan."

1 - "You can't be a hero and a killer. It doesn't work that way!"

7 - "Everything's different now. The memory of killing you will have to be enough."

6 - "I am a father... a son... a serial killer."

3 - "I am the last person you wanna **** with because I will **** you back, in ways you never even imagined!"

5 - "Tell him time is of the essence. Tick-tick-tick. That's the sound of his life running out."
ahh this makes me want to re-watch all the seasons!