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    Mariners Minor League Thread V.3

    Welcome to the new Mariners Minor League Thread!

    These first posts will be updated as needed to keep our primary prospects and their respective information at your fingertips! The list is in order by positions and classes (AAA, AA, etc), with a series of hyperlinks for each player provided. The links are for the commonly used statistical databases, followed by any useful scouting reports, if they are available and brought to my attention (that means if you find a good one not already on here, let me know and I'll add it to the list!). So here are the hyperlinks:

    FG = - your average statistics for minor leaguers, but the best site for advanced statistics, and updated fairly regularly. Its also the only site of the three main ones linked here that will have articles linked that reference the respective player.

    MiLB = - updated daily with "basic" minor league statistics, showing some splits, last 10 games with current team, and current team designation (who they are playing for).

    TBC = - great for historical stats (even 19th century!), including college and international stats, and also shows various awards, draft position/history, and Baseball America prospect rankings. Some info for basic minor league defensive statistics. No current-season stats though.

    SR = Scouting Reports - observational reports on what skills a player has or does not have... pitch repertoires for pitchers, batting/fielding abilities for position players, etc. Subjective, to a degree, to the author of the report. NOTE: I'm going to focus on scouting reports more once I get the initial player list done... only so much time to get this started today. COMING SOON!

    John Sickels (Minor League Ball) Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects for 2013
    Jonathan Mayo's ( 2013 Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects
    Baseball Prospect Nation's Top 15 Mariner Prospects for 2013
    Marc Hulet's (Fangraphs) Top 15 M's specs for 2013
    Baseball America's Seattle Mariners Top 10 Prospects
    Scouting Book's Top Mariners Prospects for 2013
    Baseball Prospectus Top 10

    And without further ado, here are the players we've learned to love (I've gauged some of them as hot or cold, in my humble opinion; prospects currently in the majors or on the DL have no hot/cold status). And I've added T5/10/15/20 to designate that the player has a Top 5/10/15/20 status on one of our top prospect lists above.

    Mike Zunino, C (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    John Hicks, C (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Steven Baron, C (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Marcus Littlewood, C (A; DL). FG MiLB TBC
    Tyler Marlette, C (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Christian Carmichael, C (A-). FG MiLB TBC

    First Basemen
    Rich Poythress, 1B/DH (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Ji-Man Choi, 1B (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Dennis Raben, 1B/DH (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Daniel Paolini, 1B (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Taylor Ard, 1B (A). FG MiLB TBC

    Second Basemen
    Stefen Romero, 2B (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Jack Marder, 2B (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Brock Hebert, 2B (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Jamodrick McGruder, 2B (A-). FG MiLB TBC

    Nick Franklin, SS (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Carlos Triunfel, SS (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Brad Miller, SS (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Christopher Taylor, SS (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Timothy Lopes, SS (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Ketel Marte, SS (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Joseph DeCarlo, SS (AZL). FG MiLB TBC
    Martin (Esteilon) Peguero, SS (PUL). FG MiLB TBC

    Third Basemen
    Alex Liddi, 3B (AAA/MLB). FG MiLB TBC
    Vincent Catricala, 3B (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Francisco Martinez, 3B (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Steven Proscia, 3B (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Ramon Morla, 3B (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Patrick Kivlehan, 3B (A). FG MiLB TBC

    Denny Almonte, CF (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Carlos Peguero, LF/RF (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Nate Tenbrink, OF (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Eric Thames, LF/RF (AAA/MLB). FG MiLB TBC
    Daniel Carroll, CF/LF (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    James Jones, RF (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Leon Landry, CF (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Julio Morban, CF (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Jamal Austin, OF (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Jabari Blash, RF (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Mike McGee, OF (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Gabriel Guerrero, OF (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Jabari Henry, OF (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Guillermo Pimentel, OF (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Dario Pizzano, RF (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Alfredo Morales, CF/RF (A-). FG MiLB TBC
    Phillips Castillo, OF (PUL). FG MiLB TBC

    Notes (players for me to watch on the side): Isaiah Yates, Seon Gi Kim, Luis Gohara, Cory Scammell, Stephen Landazuri, Jandy Sena, Tim Griffin, Timothy Boyce, Brandon Bantz, Rusty Shellhorn, Toby Demello, Gabrial Franca.
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    "Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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    Starting Pitchers
    Brandon Maurer, SP (MLB/AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Andrew Carraway, SP (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    James (Jimmy) Gillheeny, SP (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Danny Hultzen, SP (AAA; DL). FG MiLB TBC
    James Paxton, SP (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Erasmo Ramirez, SP (AAA/MLB; DL). FG MiLB TBC
    Anthony Vasquez, SP (AAA; DL). FG MiLB TBC
    Roenis Elias, SP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Anthony Fernandez, SP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Chance Ruffin, RP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Taijuan Walker, SP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Trevor Miller, SP (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Jordan Pries, SP (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Jordan Shipers, SP (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Tyler Pike, SP (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Dylan Unsworth, SP (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Victor Sanchez, SP (A-). FG MiLB TBC
    Charles Kaalekahi, SP (APL). FG MiLB TBC (FG has him mixed with "Chadwick" Kaalekahi, with a different BD, but the correct stats)

    Relief Pitchers
    Logan Bawcom, RP (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Bobby LaFromboise, RP (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Brian Moran, RP (AAA). FG MiLB TBC
    Jonathan Arias, RP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Tyler Burgoon, RP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Carson Smith, RP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Forest Snow, SP (AA). FG MiLB TBC
    Matt Brazis, RP (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Willy Kesler, RP (A+). FG MiLB TBC (Released?)
    Kyle Hunter, RP (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Bobby (Robert) Shore, SP/RP (A+). FG MiLB TBC
    Joshua Corrales, RP (A). FG MiLB TBC
    David Holman, RP (A). FG MiLB TBC
    Brandon Plotz, RP (A-). FG MiLB TBC (Released?)

    If you want me to add a player to this list, just post an add request in this thread and I'll make it happen. And if you find a good scouting report that isn't linked on here likewise let me know and I'll add it!
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    "Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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    Reserved, just in case... but keep talking!

    Go Taijuan on... get it, tie one on...

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    "Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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    And just so you know to expect it, I'll be looking out for scouting reports to add to each players hyperlinks...

    Also, I have room to add some players, especially pitchers, so feel free to throw names out there that you would like to have added to the list.
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    "Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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    good. take a bunch. that way you can keep adding to the awesomeness

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    So you have to figure if Triunfel wasn't at SS in AAA that Franklin would be up there... Any chance Nick gets the call before Triunfel?

    "King Felix has hurled more mega quality starts since 2010 than 14 entire MLB teams."

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    dumb question. whats the red/blue mean?

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    Red is hot, blue is cold, I believe

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    so i went to the rainiers game last night and wanted to give a report: VCat can pick it at 3rd!! Made an incredible double play with the bases loaded!! A shot down the line he was in position caught it and threw a seed to first!! It coulda been a bases clearing double down the line and we got outta the inning!!

    Triunfel made a couple nice plays and grinded out some ABs, VCat is still getting used to triple A pitching, theyr'e throwing him curves and he was fouling alot off. Casper looked terrible in CF but he looked great at the plate, had a nice double in the 7th....Trayvon made a base running mistake but played well despite that, hes got big league skills.

    Manny was there got a single his first AB than got pulled, think he got called up?! Carp and LIddi are not necessarily shining in LF, maybe Casper should get called up soon, id still like to see him play every day for awhile in our 2 or 6 spot.

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    Damn, franklin is hitting .177 from the right side.

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    Yeah Mopp, I do a player update close to every Sunday where I look at how each player is doing over the last 10 games, or the last three or four pitching outings... if they're doing really good they get a red tag, bad they get a blue tag, in the middle they stay black.

    "Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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    ahhh got it

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    Hultzen is LOL. ERA down to 1.44. 5.2 innings 6 k 0 runs. ERA is 0.77 over his last 10 games.

    Franklin 4-4 with a bomb. Hitting. 344 now.

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    Seattle4Ever Guest
    Hultzen is more polished than Paxton at this point. Much more consistent. He's ready for the callup. Come on...

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    Hultzen will be in Tacoma shortly.


    If M's decide to put Felix on DL so he misses a start, Hultzen the spot start straight from AA? That would be so great.

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