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    I never heard of this till now

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    The rigged thing is ridiculous. I mean, take the Bulls a few years ago. Yes, they had a 1.6% chance of getting Rose. But over the course of like, 25 years, there have been 24 teams with that same 1.6% chance that DIDN'T get the #1 pick. So let's do a little math to find the chances that ONE of those teams WILL get the #1 pick:


    That gives a perfectly reasonable 32.2% chance that one of those teams WOULD get the #1 pick. That's not particularly surprising.

    Ultimately **** happens. And people like to weave stories because it's easier than accepting random. Which is something people have a ton of trouble with.

    In fact here's a great write up on accepting randomness that I think everyone should read:

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    So, David Stern wanted one of the most famous athletes of all-time to quit in his prime........There's absolutely no logic or proof to this conspiracy theory............
    Tony Snail

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrm2054 View Post
    I never heard of this till now
    It was big when Jordan first retired. Chicago media and NBA did a great job of drawing people's attention away from the possibility that Jordan was secretly banned for all his gambling issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyOutcast View Post
    So, David Stern wanted one of the most famous athletes of all-time to quit in his prime........There's absolutely no logic or proof to this conspiracy theory............
    Yeah you need a little bit of intelligence to get it. jk

    I don't think he wanted him to quit or else he would've banned him!

    He had too to avoid the destruction of the League...the news that the greatest player to ever play gambling his life away could have ruined the NBA and possibly the sport

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    The NBA (on and off the court) babied Michael Jordan so this wouldn't surprise me. The media made him into the idol that so many people worship today. If he played in today's game with much better perimeter defending, relentless media scrutiny and much better overall competition, he wouldn't be near as dominant or thought of the way he is now.

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    Just watch the ESPN sportscentury which is on youtube -->

    at the 31:00 mark to 31:25 mark David Stern mentions it.
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
    - Michael Jordan

    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    Yup Im sure Stern wanted THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD to have a 18 month suspension ... Ratings were down, attendance was down, Money was down without Jordan... Im sure Stern was on his knees begging MJ to come back actually

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    the details will eventually come out. I don't think MJ retired on his own accord, 100%, in 1993.

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    If this is true, then stern should be hung by the balls lol.

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    day 04:48 PM
    8kobe24 If this is true, then stern should be hung by the balls lol.
    At this point, I'll take it. I'll buy this conspiracy theory if it means we can hang David Stern by his testicles.

    side note, I don't believe this though....I think the idea that Stern covered up any thing that would have lead to a suspension of the biggest name in sports from leaving the league he runs is more plausible. I don't think Stern would have ever wanted Jordan to leave. Let his league's officiating continue every year to be so @#$@ bizarre it looks fixed, yes. But this no, lol.

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    Seriously, some games indeed looked like he was betting on --- himself and his team. In case he had a gambling problem, what is possible, what's the chance that he was betting on NBA games also? This would be freakingly sick in many ways...

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    I personally think Jordan was betting on games and Stern didn't want it to come out. I believe if he was betting on games, that he was betting to win and cover the spread, I don't think there was any shaving points off or anything, but Jordan had a gambling problem and everybody knows it. Coupled with that, his father's death under questionable circumstances and the case never having been solved and some suggesting it was related to the mafia and a gambling debt that hadn't been settled, or refusing to fix games. There were a lot of rumours getting passed around at the time. i don't know what was going on, but there was something going on, that much is for certain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -kobe24-tj19- View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Kobe24-TJ19- View Post
    Hey... got any grapes?

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