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Haha so you just want to get to the dance but you don't want to win it....wow you totally missed the point of me saying in the finals

good job at telling me what he did the past three rounds and completely ignoring him not doing anything in the finals.

I don't believe I ever said he sucked I believe I meant I don't want to rely on one player scoring for us. And if your paying him 7.8 million you will be relying on that one player

When he gets targeted by the others teams defense who do you rely on to score?

Funny how you tell us all off Top and you just posted like a dick
Getting you to the dance? haha You can say whatever you want about guys like Kovalchuk or Nash and the money they make and how it may be detrimental to the team and retaining depth but it isn't true.

He has hasn't done anything special in the finals? Fine has Parise? Has Elias? No the only players who have played well are Brodeur save tonight, and the Devils' fourth line.

Do you understand how much Nash would open up things for the other forwards on the team? You are going to have a guy like Nash up against the top pairing every single night. The Bruins have three lines they can role out and do damage with.

Nash would not only be the offensive force the Bruins would be acquiring (Which he would be despite his numbers in Columbus, a revitalized Nash surrounded by high end talent would be a monster in this league) He would also be a giant decoy in which the others teams top lines were attached to all night leaving the Bruins other lines more time against the usually weaker bottom four. Could you imaging Bergeron, Seguin, and Marchand against bottom pairings all season?

You act like a Nash acquisition would eliminate the excellent secondary scoring the Bruins already have.

I understand that people do not want Rick Nash because of his salary which is fine. I have some comments on here like your ridiculous "he asked for everything" comment earlier in this or another thread that do not make any sense. If his salary is so bad than why are so many teams so hungry to have him on their team?

I'm going out on a limb here but I'm going to say that General Managers of National Hockey League teams and their high end talent scouts who are hoping to land Nash, know more about what he bring to a team and the level of talent he possesses than a couple a fans who think his salary is scawy.

For every highly paid player you can name that lost in the finals or the playoffs, I can name the same amount of guys that won.