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Really top the salary cap is a non issue, K
He never said that, he said the only argument that keeps coming up about Nash is his cap hit.

Can some besides one come up with a different reason besides 30 goals? Kessel scored that in a season still didnt help us win a cup. When did scoring 30 goals in a season guaranty a great playoff performance?
He instantly improves the PP and can help Seguin mature into an elite center. No one is saying that 30 goals in a season guarantees a great playoff performance. Look at Nash over his career though, when he has been able to perform in a playoff situation, he delivers.

how many years did Joe T get 100 points in the season and then nothing in the playoffs?
So because it happened with Joe Thornton it will happen with every superstar? Kovalchuk (37 goals) & Giroux (28 goals) both are having/had pretty solid playoff performances.

I want guys with smaller contracts so we don't have all our eggs in one basket....rather have a different hero every night then one guy that defenses will shut down in the playoffs
But you want to Sign Suter for $6+ million? Here the only problem with having a different hero every night. You're hoping and pray that someone comes out and is that hero. With a guy like Nash, you expect him to that guy on a nightly bases.

That's why the cap matters so much. With his cap hit you can have two peverlys, and if you add that up it's about 40 goals, plus they play pk, take draws and when your in the lead you want to play them
But you need to get in the lead first right? How is Peverley about 20 goals? He's maybe about 15 goals and has a hard time playing a full season (done it once)

Nash at 7.8 mill you don't really want him to block shots because if he gets hurt you have a 7.8 million dollar hole, and at the same time if you get him you cant get those types of players to help you.

So the argument really comes down to do you want 1 player at 7.8 or two?
What are you talking about? what types of players can we not get because of Nash contract?