Well, if history can repeat itself, and I hope in this case it does, we should start to see a split between player and coach with agent starting to lobby for a trade. lol. Good work AV for driving a wedge between yourself and your 2nd line C, and good work Kesler for trying to have it both ways. As Matt Sekeres and Blake Price just said on Team 1040, a player can't have it both ways: if you want to play through a shoulder injury like superman, then don't try to use it as an excuse for your bad play. And btw, as they also observed, Kesler was producing at a very low pace for weeks BEFORE the shoulder injury. Beginning of the end for Kesler in Vancouver? Hopefully, and hopefully he comes back strong, the Canucks give him prime opportunities like they did to Hodgson to drive up his value, and (unlike the Hodgson deal) hopefully they get some prime talent in return for him.

I have to admit I love this development. AV is back for another 3 years, so he won't be the one leaving if the relationship gets too dysfunctional.

Kurt Overhardt, the agent for Ryan Kesler clearly wasn't impressed by the comments of Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault regarding his client.

Vigneault, in a conference call on Wednesday after the Canucks announced a two-year extension for the coach, said Kesler's Feb. 9 shoulder labrum injury didn't affect his play.

“Obviously, Ryan had a shoulder issue and the decision was made at the end of the season to operate on that shoulder,” said Vigneault. “That being said, though, that was not, in our mind, the reason for his diminished production.

“I'm sure if you were to ask him, the injury wasn't the reason his production fell. His rehab and the way he stayed on top of that permitted him to play at the pace he was used to playing but for whatever reason, his performance slipped this year. We've got to get on top of that and we've got to get him back to where he was before that.”

Overhardt told The Province on Thursday: “I am not a doctor, I'm a lawyer, but after having conversations with the player and with the club, anyone who thinks this injury did not affect his play must have fallen off a turnip truck.”

Kesler, the Canucks' second-line centre, managed just four goals and 11 points in 28 regular season games after injuring his shoulder. He had three assists in five playoff games.

It's believed diagnostics showed the labrum in Kesler's shoulder was completely torn.

How this affects the relationship between Kesler, who can't have been pleased with the comments, and Vigneault has yet to play out.