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Hey all, I have to admit, I've not been as big on hockey as I once was.

I remember the Kings of '93 and prior. The Great One, Luc, Sandstrom, Blake, Hrudey, McSorley, Kuri, and many other greats who've donned the black and white.

I was 11 years old the only other time we made the Stanley Cup finals and I remember being worried because, although we had the greatest player in the history of the game, we didn't have the depth of the Canadiens.

Well here we are, nearly 20 years later and no team in the league can match our depth, our tenacity, and of late; our ferocity.

I've watched every minute of Kings hockey this postseason, and I'm champing at the bit for Wednesday. Let's bring it home guys; it's about f'in time!

BTW, thanks to PartyBoy for keeping this forum going. Occasionally I come in and check out the posts - its obvious your love of Kings hockey runs deep, my friend.
No problem, I ask that some of you keep posting here even after the finals because it would be fun to have more people. Thanks should be sent as well to rjvacad as he has been the other regular poster in here and Paulie has been as well the past couple months. I have started the threads but they wouldn't have lasted if not for them.

I was 10 when we were in the finals in 93, so I remember about as much as you. Freakin McSorley and his stick. I do agree with Gretzky though when he said that they wouldn't have gotten that far without him so he get too much blame and not enough credit. Still though, what would have been...

I just realized I'm gonna miss game one because I will be at school, I'm so upset. Oh well should be the only game that I miss of the finals.