One out is one out. It doesn't matter how you get the out, at the end of the year. Yes, I know there are sac flys and sac bunts and whatnot, but when we're looking at overall production, it is what it is.

Try not to look out how a player does something. A .300 average is a .300 average. Strikeouts, speed, etc. don't matter when you're talking about that .300 average. It doesn't affect that production.

Also, a lot of guys with high strikeout rates may also have high walk rates. Outside of a small percentage of players, if you're striking it, much of the reason is because you're taking pitches. Mark Reynolds would be an example of that. Dunn would be another. These are guys who are constantly at the top of the league in pitches per AB. They also have super high strikeout and walk rates for that reason.