I was reading a good article that pointed some things out about the upcoming season.

- Iowa plays their first 5 games at home and don't play Ohio State or Wisconsin.

- Idaho plays 7 away games and 5 of those come in the first 8 games of the season. Not just any road games.... at Bowling Green (nearly 2000 miles), at LSU (2,100 miles), at North Carolina (2,600 miles), at Texas State (2,200 miles) and at Louisiana Tech (2,200 miles).

- TCU only plays 3 games outside the state of Texas and those are Kansas, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

- Florida State plays 8 of their first 9 games in the state of Florida (6 home games, USF and Miami).

- Miami has a stretch where they play 7 consecutive bowl teams from last season.

- Utah has a considerably easier schedule this year as they don't play Oregon or Stanford and their road opponents were 32-45 last season.

- Cal plays 12 weeks straight without a bye week and at one point play Ohio State, USC and Arizona State back-to-back-to-back all on the road.

- WoW.... From September 8 through October 13th Washington plays LSU, Stanford, Oregon and USC.

- Division 1 newcomer UMass plays 7 road games and their 5 home games are actually being played at Foxboro which is 90 miles from campus....