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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack of Blades View Post
    I don't know how anybody can stand listening to All Time Low. They sold out quicker then anybody.

    Well it's not like they were ever good to begin with, but their music was at least respectable.
    Haha funny you mention them... I was just talking with a buddy today about the same thing.

    Its a shame really too because when I used to work with Hopeless Records back in the day All Time Low was a new signee and I met them on a few occasions. They were cool guys and had a good sound... just as soon as they got some recognition after their first major release they basically kneeled before the brass at Hopeless (which is notoriously pushy, and part of the reason why so many bands left between 2007-2010).

    Jasey Rae is still one of my favorite songs... but pretty much anything made after So Wrong Its Right is way overproduced and marketed towards the wide market of pre-teen/teenage girls.
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    Yeah I went from 2005-2008 but haven't been back since. My favorite act at any Warped Tour has to be either Killswitch Engage or Avenged Sevenfold

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