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    What to do with Ovie

    So clearly the diminished role Ovechkin played under Hunter seemed to have worked as they deated the defending champs and took the Rangers to game 7. Also, Ovechkin's production the past 2 years was down dramatically.
    Still he's the top, or near the top, paid player inthe league.
    As a Capitals fan, would you consider trading him? Is his value at it's lowest point ever? If so, do you think it will diminsh even further? If so, what would you be willing to take for him right now?
    Personally, I still think he's one of the most dynamic players in the league and capable of dominating the league. With Green healthy again to lead the PP, and a healthier team next year, I see great things ahead. But, you can't ignore the diminished ice time he got under Dale Hunter did wonders for the team.
    Any thoughts?

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    Well for starters, Dale Hunter is gone. The 'right' coach is needed. Someone who can handle this skilled players, and play a solid defensive system.

    Alexander Semin is pretty much gone IMO.

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    I think Ovechkin should stay. Something with him needs to be re-ignited though. He's still a force and a threat on the ice so maybe the right coach can help him out.

    He has a no trade clause that kicks in July 2014 so there is still time to see if he can turn things around.

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    Bye Bye Ovie

    Lets see he has now gone thru 3 coaches in 4 years and doesnt think he has a problem. He cant play D and he thinks that is ok. I say trade him is probably the best thing for both him and the team. It might shake him up and it will free a lot of salary cap for the team. Ted didnt learn from his first long term contract, Jagr, and is seeing the same thing happen. Since Hunter isnt going to be the coach next year maybe it is time to clean house and get rid of GMGM and let Semin go and trade Ovie and let Wideman go. Halpern, Aucoin, Knuble, Schuultz and Erskine will probably all be gone. They need to sign Carlson Beagle and Perreault. Would look at resigning Green if his salary is reasonable. A trade of Ovie and Evgeny Kuznetsov should be able to net players and draft picks which would help this team. And please stop drafting Russians!

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