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No I don't. They aren't the best defensive team because of Boozer and Gibson is better than him defensively. I would never trade WC and couple of picks for a guy who will take Faried's time away. Boozer avg 15 and 8 in 34 minutes, something I think Faried can do (and probably get more boards). Now if we didn't have Faried, then mayyyyybbbee.

How far do you guys think the nuggets could have gone in the east??
I feel like we could have been in the ecf playing the heat right now.
Nuggets dominated the eastern conference teams this year. And looking at the teams in the eastern conference, I think only Miami could give them a run for their money.

I think Denver's starting 5 are pretty much set Ty, AAA, Gallo, Faried & McGee (assuming they resign him). So I dont think Denver will be adding any stars in FA, but rather role players. The positions that need improvement off the bench are PG, PF and SG (pure shooter).

I think last season the lack of rebounds at PF when Faried was off the court was evident and alarming. So they need a good rebounder to back up the Manimal. This would only be the case against teams that are able to slow the tempo.