i think we'll be alright. a couple interesting stats, that someone with more interest/time can check up on:

1.rangers have lost every 2nd game so far in the playoffs while winning their 1st and 3rd games.
2. against the panthers, the team that scored first lost every time.
3. against the rangers, the team that has scored first has won every time.

just some weird stats for a weird series. i'm moderately worried, but it's such an even match-up, it will come down to little things. this was no 3-0 game except on paper. devs dominated until the end of the 2nd. rangers got a great wrister and then great redirect that lundqvist would not have been able to save.

i think we have a solid shot at the series still. it's back to home ice advantage for the rangers. big deal. we'll come out on fire in game 4 and steal it right back. then it's really anyone's for the taking. game 4 is all we can think about now.