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Watch that game and maybe you'll see a glimpse of what I'm talking about. Looks a lot slower, like he's walking on ice. Just not sure of himself. I think that's the biggest difference from this year to last he's finding the hole and gives a lot more of a burst. I still don't think he's going to burn anyone around the edge but it's an improvement.
I see what you are saying, It kind of reminds me of Jordy when we had him return kicks. its like a high knee long stride type of thing and Randle did it behind the line of scrimmage so it looked like he was a lot slower and I see where he has improved this year. I think like you that is a good sign. He is a junior so he could always return to school but from what I have seen from that clip of yours and the couple of mine he is a contact runner and a between the tackles runner which is the type of back for our system.

Like I said before I don't like to compare but, he has the Starks style where he wants the contact and runs towards it and pushes forward. between the two if Randle continues like he is I think he would have the better career.