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Thread: Belts

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    Yeah, i been thinking about getting a belt. I want it for back and some legs. I feel like it would help with deads and squats. If i go heavy on these exercises i hurt my back. I looked online and saw people giving all kinds of advice about how thick your belt should be etc. Any advice?
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    no advice really, just be aware that the benefit from a belt actually comes from the FRONT of the belt, your abs can push on it and help straighten out your back. So those belts that are wider in the back and narrow in the front, its as tho ur just getting a belt that narrow since that's the part that matters.

    I use a belt thats not even made of leather, its some kinda synthetic crap.

    I'm prob due for an upgrade.

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    Inzer Forever Lever belt.

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    using a belt really helped increase my squat a lot

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    Belt and Kettlebells for squat => Sweet!

    belt and leg kettle for running => god!

    5kg - 10kg dumbbells carrying when running + fitness tracker => Immortals!!!


    Hope you will succeed your own way!
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