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    Oct 2006

    What strength program/workout routine/split are you currently doing?

    Been a while since this place has been active so I am just curious what your workouts look like?

    For me I follow a 4 day routine per week, and sometimes get to the gym more if I'm able too.

    Each day consists of
    1. Mobility
    2. Strength
    3. Gymnastics/Bodyweight exercises (Pullups, Dips, Muscle Ups, Handstand Pushups)
    4. Metcon (5-30 minutes of metabolic conditioning)

    Day 1 of strength - Heavy back squats followed by moderate front squats
    Day 2 of strength - Presses (some sort of bench press/push or strict press/split or push jerk)
    Day 3 of strength - Heavy front squats followed by moderate back squats
    Day 4 of strength - Deadlift

    I try to run 2 times per week, usually for 3 miles. The metabolic conditioning workouts often have some sort of running involved.

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    Jun 2016
    i go 5 days a week. I do 3 weekdays at 545am before work and 2 days on the weekend t various times,

    I have been keeping it simple since i started back up 3 weeks ago.

    Tues: Back/Chest
    Weds: Bi/Tris
    Fri: Shoulders/core
    Sat: full body. usually consists of different types of circuits throughout the workout and combo type moves like standing arnold press/squat, pushup into rows, lunge with lat raise, etc
    Sunday: Legs/core

    my reps vary week to week.

    if i have some time left over ill hop on the treadmill, steps, or elliptical

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