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    Buy or Sell? 2031 Edition

    Well, it's that time of the year again, mid-season, the time of the year when the playoff picture becomes more clear, and I get to make more unreasonable predictions!

    Starting with the AL East, which is led by the Boston Red- Texas Rangers. That's right, we got us a race in the AL East this year. The Rangers are not only winning the division, but are actually tied for the best record in baseball with the Mets and Dodgers, who are also going to be a main focus of this year's Buy or Sell. Alright, so the bottom line, do I see the Rangers hanging on to the division? Those pesky Red Sox are still only 2 games behind, so at this point, it's hard to tell, but I say yes, simply because of how dominant this team's hitting is. The Rangers are first in nearly every offensive category, including on-base and slugging percentage, along with most importantly, runs scored. Their pitching has been good enough to not blow it up too.
    Texas Rangers Winning the AL East: Buy

    AL West:
    Man has this roller coaster of a division changed a ton in the past few seasons. Last year it was the Royals, usually a top of the division team struggling (though this year they've bounced back into 2nd place), this year it's probably the most consistently good team in the league's Toronto Blue Jays, and both have struggled probably for the same reason: Underproduction from their big name players. Nathan Carter, usually a consistent 60 VORP hitter has just 5.8 so far this year. While there's still a lot of season to go, I don't know how much better that's gonna get. The biggest problem of course is the pitching with a team ERA at 5.14, while they are just 10th in runs scored. This is not like the Toronto Blue Jays we're used to seeing. However, I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, so for now, I don't see them finishing in LAST, but they aren't making the playoffs. As for the race going on right now, it's between the defending World Series championship Chicago White Sox, the Kansas City Royals, and even the Minnesota Twins. This is gonna be tough, but I gotta go with the Royals winning the division, I just see them as the most balanced team in the division this year. As good as the Voldemort-Rendon combo in Chicago is, and as good as the Bradley-Holmes is in Minnesota, the Royals are just the most stacked, and are much more sure-fire as far as track-record goes. So, I'll buy the Royals winning the West division.
    Buy: Kansas City Royals
    I'll also take the White Sox coming in 2nd in the division.

    Onto the central.
    AL Central:
    The Detroit Tigers ended their rebuild, and took a lead over the long-time leaders of the division, the Baltimore Orioles, and actually have a 7 game lead right now. After a busy off-season signing big names like Steve Holt and former Cy Young Award winner Kenny Zimmermann, as well as trading for catcher Jack Chappell from the Blue Jays, the Tigers got off to a great start, ending April with a 20-8 record. Though they have settled down a bit, they're still in great shape to win the division with the Orioles and Mariners not even over .500 (granted they're only 1 game under, but still). Detroit has the 2nd best ERA in the league, as well as 6th in most runs scored, so overall, it's been about balance.
    Detroit Tigers: Buy

    NL time!

    NL East:
    Arguably the most heated division in the league if not for the three way tie right now going on in the AL West, as the Mets are off to a 51-30 start. The Mets have struggled the past few seasons finding offense, but that has changed this year, as they are first in the NL in On base and slugging percentage. Strangely enough, their starting rotation has been its biggest down-side this year outside of Gordan Wyatt who's been better than usual with a 1.91 ERA so far, and 44.1 VORP. But with a bullpen ERA of 2.55, they've had a great time finishing close games, and if their hitting can stay consistent, you like their chances, and I don't think anyone would've had them winning the division after the Nationals and Marlins both had big off-seasons. Not gonna give them the division though, and for the reason I just mentioned, The Nationals and Marlins are just tough, and down the line, I'm not sure if they'll be able to stay ahead. Sorry New York, but it'll be hard to win that division. However, I will say they get in the playoffs with the wild-card.

    NL East:
    One of the biggest rivalries in baseball, the Dodgers and Giants sit just one game apart from each other of the division. While once again, all other teams in this division remain as dead weight in the last three positions. Now, the Dodgers lead the division, but honestly these teams are just really similar as much as they hate each other. Both rely on their pitching to get them out of tough situations, and neither have really devastating offenses. This is probably the hardest one to call, but I'll go with the Giants winning in the end simply due to JD's track record. Honestly, I think a big deadline acquisition could be the difference here.

    NL Central:
    Finally, the Central, lead by the Cardinals... The Brewers aren't out of it at 6 games back and have made ground, but I still don't know about this one, the Cardinals are my pick to win the world series, so I gotta buy them since they're just so balanced.
    Cardinals: Buy

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