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    Chicago Bears 2013 Roster Turnover: Running Backs

    The last time Marc Trestman called plays in the NFL (2003), Oakland Raiders running back Charlie Garner had 48 receptions. The previous year, when the Raiders went to the Super Bowl, Garner had 91 receptions. During Trestman's Arizona years he was getting the ball to his backs via the pas too. In 2000 Thomas Jones and Michael Pittman combined for 105 catches, in 1999 Adrian Murrell had 49, and in 1998 fullback Larry Centers had 69 receptions.

    Going back to his San Francisco years when he was their offensive coordinator, tailback Terry Kirby had 52 receptions and fullbacks Tommy Vardell and William Floyd combined for 54 grabs in 1996. In 1995 Derek Loville had 87, and fullback Floyd added 47 more. His lone year as Cleveland play caller, 1989, saw Eric Metcalf catch 54 balls.

    To get even more current, in 2012, Montreal Alouettes running back Brandon Whitaker had 49 receptions, and in 2011 he had 72.

    If I were Matt Forte I would be very excited to play for Trestman. Returning fullback Evan Rodriguez should be bubbling with excitement as well, because the West Coast Offense is very friendly to running backs. Screens, check downs, and arrows are just some of the ways the backfield will get involved in the WCO quick passing game.

    Matt Forte - Signed through 2015 - Whether you thought Forte should have been paid or not, we can all agree that Mike Tice failed to use his skill set correctly in 2012. Forte still had 44 receptions, but it seemed like he was an after thought in the passing game. That changes in 2013 and I'd expect Forte to go over 60 catches.

    Pro Football Focus had Forte with his worst grade since his injury plagued 2009 season. He was a +2.1 in 2012 after being graded +12.7 in 2011, and +11.6 in 2010.

    Michael Bush - Signed though 2015 - I would expect Bush's role to change slightly. He'll still spell Forte a few series here and there, and he'll still be the primary short yardage back, but the WCO has a lot of two back formations. Bush isn't a fullback, but he could line up in that position from time to time to try and catch the D off guard.

    While not as prolific a pass catcher as Forte, he does have good hands. According to PFF, Bush was targeted 11 times last season and he caught 9 of them. The previous year in Oakland, Bush had a career high 37 receptions with a catch percentage of 86%. Bush also had a higher overall PFF grade in 2012, than Forte, by a .2 margin.

    I've seen and heard a few comments that Bush isn't a fit for the new O, and I disagree. He's quick enough out of his stance for the quick hitters from a split back or up position, and as the tailback of the I formation, he is a downhill runner. Until we see the specifics of Trestman's run game, I'll assume he'll run what he ran in his previous stops in the NFL.

    Armando Allen - Exclusive rights free agent - I'm sure the Bears were happy with Allen as their #3 back, but that's not to say they won't look for an upgrade. He had 27 rushing attempts in 49 offensive snaps, for 124 yards. He also played a little special teams. Pro Football Focus gave him a neutral grade of -0.8 on the year.

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    Pretty content with our backs, definitely an area of strength. Could really improve with an improved line.

    Maybe an upgrade from Allen in the draft, looks like the have interest in later round backs.

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    Home to the Greatest Fans in College Football

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    Quote Originally Posted by 85BearsDefense View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Branwegner84 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 85BearsDefense View Post

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    I had liked the idea of what Booker could have brought before he got injured in our preseason game last year.

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    Still don't know how Forte ended with 44 catches even; felt more like 20. Plus he missed time...

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    I would like Barner, but I think he goes in the second or third. I don't know when Lattimore will be drafted, but if he is available late, I wouldn't hesitate to draft him.

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