In light of all the speculation about AV being let go (only to immediately resurface with the Habs no doubt) I wanted to see who people thought really bore responsibility for the Canucks' season and playoffs.

I think it's really 50/50 between AV and Gillis. Gillis could not provide AV with the offensive players he needed and he also badly misjudged their scoring strength when trading away Hodgson.

However, the Pahlsson trade had AV written all over it, and that is the real reason why CoHo had to go AT THE DEADLINE when it otherwise makes no sense at all. So even in personnel moves, AV seems to have dictated what he needed to make a serious run in the playoffs, and he failed miserably.

When we look at the season, there were red flags: slow start, no training camp for many veterans, unmotivated lineups, endless line juggling, uninspired play against weaker opponents, etc.

When we look at the end of the season and the playoffs, we saw a wholesale change in the Canucks' identity and way of playing the game. It failed badly.

Given that Gillis wanted an offensive team and got instead a boring 1-0 team that failed to score, can AV really have fulfilled the GMs expressed wishes? I'm sure Gillis would have been in a forgiving mood if his coach had gone against the team's stated MO and WON the Stanley Cup, but for AV to completely change the MO and LOSE? Not a great position for him to be in.

Still, the reality is that Gillis failed in assessing and overvaluing players he thinks of as "skilled" when they lack the ability to score or generate offence beyond the Sedins.

The responsibility for this agonizing season has to be split evenly, 50/50, but I think only one of them will take the fall, and it looks like it is going to be AV.

Your thoughts?