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    Government May Soon Allow Residents to Leave Cuba; MLB Implications?

    HAVANA -- After controlling the comings and goings of its people for five decades, communist Cuba appears on the verge of a momentous decision to lift many travel restrictions. One senior official says a "radical and profound" change is weeks away.

    The comment by Parliament Chief Ricardo Alarcon has residents, exiles and policymakers abuzz with speculation that the much-hated exit visa could be a thing of the past, even if Raul Castro's government continues to limit the travel of doctors, scientists, military personnel and others in sensitive roles to prevent a brain drain.

    Could have a big impact on Cuban baseball players.

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    Jul 2010
    How many current Cubans are there that would even be MLB caliber currently?

    Maybe one more?

    I know there would be a flooding of prospects, and each team would have the opportunity to sign so many I assume.

    I want a MLB international draft!

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    i feel bad for Aroldis Chapman... left his family, girlfriend and daughter to come to America. i would love for him to see them again.

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    Coral Springs, FL
    on a baseball note this will be great

    on a personal level this will be a nightmare as living in south florida will mean there will be another gizillion people coming to florida who dont speak english and steal all the jobs

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