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    Adrian Peterson - RB - Vikings
    Nov 15 - 5:40 PM

    Dr. James Andrew was astonished to find that Adrian Peterson's knee had as much wear and tear as a "newborn baby" when he operated on the freakish tailback late last December.

    "I can't believe it," Andrews told Peterson's parents. "For this guy to have played as much football as he's played his whole life, and not to have hardly any wear and tear, it's incredible. I've never seen a football player, especially one who runs and cuts as much as he does, with a knee in that condition." Peterson gives the doctor credit, but insists he's just different -- "my family and genetics. Just how my body is built." Rotoworld's Pat Daugherty suggests Peterson's knees are made of rare metals found on a comet that crashed to Earth in a Norwegian forest.


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    LOL^ That is aweosme. Maybe he will have longevity for his career? ray:

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    He certainly isn't on this level yet but if Peterson ends up having a career lasting longer than most running backs (something like 15 seasons) I think he is going to be in the discussion of best running back of all time. I see Peterson breaking a lot of records and I believe he will go down as the best of all time.
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    201: Bucky Hodges TE Virginia Tech
    219: Stacy Coley WR Miami
    220: Ifeadi Odenigbo DE Northwestern
    232: Elijah Lee LB Kansas State
    245: Jack Tocho CB N.C. State


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    conservative estimate would put him at 8,400 career yards when this season is his 6th year (and 200 behind Jim Brown...and 35th all time....but also meaning catching Jim this season is not a huge stretch)

    Sweetness had 16,726 in 13 AP's pace couldn't slow down much if he's going to catch him....or Emmitt for that matter, whose 18,355 yds took him 15 seasons

    Makes Barry Sanders' 15,269 yds in 10 seasons look that much more incredible when you realize he AVERAGED over 1500 per season...and AP would only hit that mark for the 2nd time if he does so this year.

    That said, it's increasingly hard to compare pure stats now against prior generations....the league has become increasingly a passing league.
    gotta love 'referential' treatment

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    I agree, hard to compare. What he's done though, how dynamic he is. He shows that regardless, he's in the conversation of one of the best all time.

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    2000 doesn't seem too far fetched now does it.

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