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I still say we are rushing him, we are going to suck so why risk the long term in the short term?
I feel your concern but I'm sure if they tried telling Adrian Peterson, "Hey we know you wanna get out there and play but we suck right now so we're going to hold you back even though you feel your ready cuz we don't want to risk your future health, just in case."

That wouldn't go over good. Peterson wants to play, they are paying him to play... he's going to play. As fans we can sit here and discuss whether it's right or wrong to bring him back early but at the end of the day it's Peterson's decision and the coaches and they gotta keep him happy.

I'm sure they're not going to give in to all he wants and let him go out every snap week 1, they'll edge him back in and Toby gives us that luxury to do so but I don't think they should tell him no your not coming back right now, even to practice, if he medically checks out. Which from what I'm hearing and seeing he has.