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Jaeckel seems to think that the Hawks will be agressive.

Heard from my top source late last night (who corroborated and added to some things I'd heard from other sources over the last 48 hours):

He believes that Stan Bowman's talk about minor tweaks is just that . . . talk. A smokescreen. Multiple quality sources are telling me that the opposite could hold true. That Rocky Wirtz has not only given Bowman the green light to make significant moves to improve the club—but Bowman is expected to do so.

I heard some specifics.


The Hawks will in all likelihood be in this. If you see Niklas Hjalmarsson moved before 7/1, the likelihood of Suter being a Hawk goes way up.


My source said there is reason to believe that the hawks have had conversations with Anaheim about Bobby Ryan. And with other teams.


Yes. Parise.

I don't think the Hawks are trying to pull off the package deal that teams with more cap room might. But Parise has been a topic of discussion by the Hawks. And his acquisition could hinge on a Kane trade. Perhaps like Hjalmarsson, Kane would be dealt for picks and prospects, freeing up significant salary cap room. Or Parise is a Plan 1A, if the club misses on Suter early on 7/1.


Someone told me this morning that a source close to the team had mentioned the young defenseman. Let me say this: it's the first I've heard of it. But the overwhelming sense I got last night was that the Hawks have a long list of possibilities going into the draft, trades and free agency. So, yes, it is quite possible Schultz is on the list.

What is interesting in all this is the sense that there are a variety of ways—infinite really—this could all play out. Do the Hawks trade away significant cap commitment? If they do, what do they do with it.

I know many in Hawk Nation have grown weary of Stan Bowman's "conservative" approach and therefore assume nothing will happen. The problem with that line of logic is that it is based on the assumption that all the power is in Bowman's hands. Which most inside sources say is not the case. And even if it is, there is evidence to suggest that he is literally under orders to make some moves.

The team needs them on the ice. The notion of a perennially Cup contending club is gone. This is, as constructed, at best a first round and out team. At worst it misses the playoffs.

Off the ice, this team and its carefully crafted multi-gazillion dollar brand is suffering—it needs some big, positive moves.

Rocky Wirtz is an incredibly successful businessman, first and foremost. And, as such, he knows when and why there are problems. And it's my understanding the directive to improve the club is coming directly from him.

I might have an update later today. Until then,


Yea, I read this earlier. I personally have been thinking trading Kane for bobby Ryan ever since his Madison episode and I would love it, he'd fit right in next to Toews. I just don't know what to expect with Bowman, I don't want to think big with Ryan and Suter and he signs 2 guys on their last legs like Bruno and O.D. Again.