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    2014 Ceremonial Highlights

    Discuss this last weekend's Hall of Fame induction ceremony and your favorite parts, and your fondest memories of the players who were inducted, from their playing careers.

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    Why not...

    Strahan, hated him because he was a Giant, but once they moved to that 4-3 in NY, he broke out. Amazed at how well he did considering he was playing the strong side, basically rushing at the QB in the QB's line of sight.

    Derrick Brooks. perfect tampa 2 linebacker. Great in coverage with those larger zone responsibilities. Loved his speed to the ball

    Aeneas Williams... ended Steve Young's career. I always remember him from when the Cards were in the NFC East. They'd always be 5-11 or so, but every year would either split, or play Philly really tight in a game, and seemed to do the same with the rest of the division, and more often than not, a lot of it had to do with him making big plays.

    Reed... Frank Reich throwing to him in the 2nd half of that playoff game against the Oilers. One of the greatest moments any receiver has ever had.

    Walter Jones. Prototypical. Never made a mistake. He just didn't get beat. He didn't get his QB sacked and he never had to hold. Regardless of position, could be the best player in the NFL of the 2000's.

    Humphrey a bit before my time, but from what I hear was a great pass rusher.

    Ray Guy, a long time waiting. Raiders have had the 2 best punters in the modern NFL.

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