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    I think we need a real sniper to play with the Sedins and a top end defenseman. I just don't know if I want to give up a two way center on the second line. I really think we have to package Luongo with a defenseman and our first round pick for a star forward and something else significant for the second line. I don't have a clue where we are going to get the top level defenseman though. We have too many "good" defensmen and no #1.
    IMO the star forward needs to be a PP sniper and his main role would be to lead the second line. That will resuscitate our PP and finally help us construct a real second line that will take pressure off the Sedins. For most of the year the second line was no real threat and teams had little to worry about. In fact, go back to the pre-Gillis era and the problem has been quite persistent. When Kesler had his 41 goal season I would like to know how many of those goals were against weak teams or scored on the PP (which, obviously, isn't the second line).

    I agree we need an impact D man. We are also hurting for a PP specialist from the point since Ehrhoff left.
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