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Sometimes I wonder if Nate is just regarded as streaky because the lack of playing time makes him cold. I don't know the guy so I can't say for sure, but I know if I was in his position I wouldn't be too comfortable or confident and thinking "crap...if I don't get a hit now I won't start for a week!" every at bat certainly can't help.

Nate has had some really good games then hasn't started the next one. So he has to be thinking "What do I have to do around here?"

If he has one bad game Bochy will think he's cold then play the "hot handed" .200 huff or belt in left field without even giving .300 nate a chance to rebound.

Fun activity: name the outfielder with the 4th best batting average on the team with tons of speed, a cannon arm, and doesn't start. he also has 2 home runs, 6 rbis, and only has 1 strikeout in 30 at bats.

I'm not basing this solely on batting averages, I know they don't mean a whole lot this early in the year, but I don't know how Bochy can prefer Pill, Belt, or Huff in left field over Nate in right. It definitely makes no sense defensively, and it's not like any of those guys are that great offensively, so I just don't get it. They're even starting off much slower than Nate and I thought Bochy would play the "hot hand?" I'm almost starting to think Bochy has some weird personal grudge.

Let Belt and Pill split time at first til one of them separates themselves from the other and Huff can pinch hit, give someone a night off here and there in the outfield or at first, and have fun being a club house leader.
I definitely agree with you on Nate. I want him out there everyday. Putting Belt/Huff/Pill (I still don't know why he put him out there) over Nate isn't good defensively. Any of three can't hold a candle to Nate defense. He just needs to get consistent playing time and actually stay true to his (Bochy) word at the end of last season when he said it was Nate's job to lose in RF. I think Belt should just stick at first with Melky, Pagan, and Nate in the OF. The only thing I don't agree with is that Belt should get the playing time over Pill at first.