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I can't see Ian as a CF'er, I think he's probably best suited for LF. RF is a possibility after seeing his lazer to the plate yesterday to stop the inside the park HR.
well he definitely has the speed for CF, he will need to work on the fielding aspect but he has a very solid glove at 2B so I dont think it would be too hard for him to make the transition....my thoughts are that if we do end up resigning Hamilton, he has got to move to LF, would be way too much invested in him to keep waring down his body in CF....that leaves CF to the guys that were given a shot in Spring training (Borbon, Leonys, and Gentry) and none of them seemed to want the full time job. Obviously Borbon is not part of the long term plans anymore, Leonys has recently gotten surgery on his thumb and is out for at least 5-6 more weeks plus he hasnt really shown anything at the ML level, and Gentry to me is the new Murphy meaning just another 4th OFer type. While I think Leonys could develop more given more of an opportunity, I personally would love to see Kinsler, Profar, and Andrus all on the same team for at least 2-3 years and I think the only way to do that is to move Kinsler to CF. While Kinsler is an excellent second baseman, I think he has the tools to make the shift in order to bring up Profar so that the team can improve. And while I do think we would get a nice haul for Andrus, I dont see it being a big enough haul to pry away Andrus, who is one of the best SS if not the best SS in the game who is also still young and yet to hit his prime, away from us. You really dont see big time trades involving marquee SS's too often and if you do the value just never seems to equal what you get in return. While I do think Profar will be far better than Andrus offensively and equal if not better defensively, I just cant justify trading Andrus to make room for an unproven spec.