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Thread: Cain vs Lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ooh Child View Post
    Watching Lee's curveball almost made me cry a few times last night
    It was absurd.
    Quote Originally Posted by 2shady4u View Post
    DerekRE 3 just get the **** out. i mean no one takes you seriously and i bet im the only one with enough balls in my shorts to tell you to **** off. you're not a good poster. go **** yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raidersrock99 View Post
    If bochy had theriot bunt with pill on 2nd or if pagan wasn't a slapdick we would be talking about Cains back to back complete game shutouts
    Or if they had put the hit and run play on in the 1st with pagan and melky on 1st and 3rd with no one out. Giants can't hit left handed pitching... they needed to play small ball. That 1st inning was pathetic.

    But Lee and Cain last night? Oh my.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giants73756 View Post
    If I was at the ballpark I'd want to see some offense. When I'm at home and I can see the movement on pitches so much better I hope to see great pitching. At the park, I want to see runs.

    edit: But no, you wouldn't catch me complaining at all about last night's game.
    Exactly, when you're at the park unless you're in the right seat can't really see the movement can't appreciate pitching unless it's a high SO count. When you're at any sporting event always more fun to watch offense rather than defense.

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    Still not better than Marichal and Spahn 50 years ago, best I saw

    I was able to listen here and there on cbssportsline, it sounded like an amazing game to be at. I like the way baseball is going right now with great pitching and still a lot of great hitting sprinkled around.

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    its was a great effort by both pitchers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raidersrock99 View Post
    Watching that game last night it was one of the best pitching duels i have ever seen

    cain 9 innings 2 hits 1 walk 4 k's 91 pitches-64 strikes

    lee 10 innings 7 hits 0 walks 7 k's 102 pitches-81 strikes, 3 forced dp's

    what amazes me most is how quickly both lee and cain worked throwing only 201 combined pitches. what are your thoughts on this game and where it ranks on the all time list of great pitching duels?
    Best I have ever seen. The game flew by at an amazing rate, and I was at the edge of my seat throughout the whole game. It's unfortunate that Cain didn't get the W, but after back to back shutouts from Cain and one from the BZ Show, I feel like I am getting spoiled. It was frustrating watching so many RISP get stranded, but thankfully Melky came through in the end, what an exciting game! And what better way than tat to send the Phillies packing, til next time Phillies!
    Go Giants!
    Mets are next

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    Cain is one of the best pitchers in baseball and most of the country doesn't know it. I spoke to a yankees fan shocked at the cain deal, and purely statistically speaking Cain is probably better than Sabathia, but Yankees fans wouldn't know that.
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    I am a Redsox fan out here on the East Coast. When I said that if Boston really wanted to get better then NY in a hurry they needed Matt Cain, or Kershaw. Most actually all but one person said hell no. Beckett, Lester> Cain, Kershaw and its not close. I just laughed at that. Beckett is my fav pitcher but even I know that Cain is way better then Beckett right now...

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