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If Bryz is hurt, I'd start Leighton over Bob.
No way man I watched a lot of Leighton this year and this is him in a nutshell this year. #1 AMAZING ....shutout or 1 goal. #2 Average at best letting in 3-4. I never had anything against Leighton but no way you cannot start him... Consol center was just renamed this year to Bobs house...

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LOL at everyone hitting the panic button? A) Leighton won't start B) Can it really get worse then giving up 10 goals? C) I truely believe Bryz is hurt, winning tomorrow is key so we can get healthy
Well take it with a grain of salt bro if you can honestly say your not worried at all then your foolish. I love LOVE the Flyers but Id be a 100% fool to say that the Pens were not the best team in this series were just getting playing one hell of a series. I hope last night did not wake a sleeping giant. I am about 90% confident but still....you never know bro.

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So excited to see JVR
THIS 100000000% the emotioncon itself gets me excited cuz thats exactaly what i do when i think of JVR going tomorrow night.

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God I love Hextall
One of a kind, was so lucky to grow up with him.... really miss watching him