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    Quote Originally Posted by IWantPizza View Post
    You're right about JVR. Swap him and Couts. I was thinking JVR was a center because of his size. And yes, I'd put Couts and JVR on a line together and explained why I'd put Schenn on the first line in my post. Re-read it.

    No problem with the idea of Schenn taking over for Jagr, he replaces the playmaking with energy. But still, the Briere line has been solid.

    But Couts and JVR together is like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. Gotta keep Couts with guys like Matt Read, Voracek, Talbot, Wellwood. and JVR needs snipers and playmakers, not 2way forwards.

    if voracek and Jagr were both gone Id do

    Hartnell - Giroux - Briere (Briere is getting old and can no longer use his speed to survive at center)
    JVR - Schenn - Simmonds
    Read - Couts - Talbot
    Rinaldo - Harry Z/Holmstrom - Wellwood/Sestito/Shelley

    Jeez now that I look at that, it wouldnt be the end of the world to lose both Jagr and Voracek and spend all 8 million on defense lol. But we would lose a lot of offensive depth and would be vulnerable to injuries. Wellwood will be ready to move up to be permanent top 9 after next season (I think)

    also on defense I'd put Lilja in the AHL, use his 700,000 to help sign Kubina to a 2 million cap hit deal. Leaving 6.7 million to sign 2 forwards (if desired) and 1 defensemen (for those who want Sutter, there ya go)
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