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    Tiger Williams on respect

    Tough words from Tiger Williams here on how the Canucks have to win back respect. Note that he doesn't criticize Daniel for not fighting back when he was attacked by the rat last year, but that (if we have to have this horse **** in hockey) it's his teammates' job to back him up. I also understand that the team was ordered by their coaching staff and management to walk away from idiocy like this and play whistle to whistle. All the same, here are Tiger's comments:

    Not that he’s letting the Canucks off the hook. Far from it. He points to a pair of incidents during last spring’s seven-game Cup final loss to the Bruins as crucial evidence for the prosecution.

    “I can’t remember who it was (Brad Marchand) that completely manhandled (Daniel) Sedin. But the guy just basically punched him five or six times in the head. And everybody else stood around. Nothing was done about it. Not at the time, not later.

    “And then going into Boston (for Game 6), to get run out of the building, physically and mentally, like that . . .

    “For us Saskatchewan guys and Alberta guys. . . stand up, be counted. If you take your lumps, you take your lumps. But to not be physical enough in situations where you were forced into taking on that challenge is unacceptable.

    “Boston played unbelievable. Their goaltending was unbelievable. But they won the Stanley Cup because they had way more heart than (the Canucks) did. That bugs me.

    “Think about getting to the sixth or seventh game of a Stanley Cup final, to have that once-in-a-lifetime chance. And you’re not willing to die to win? To me, that’s sad. They lost the average Canadian’s respect.

    “It’s up to that organization and those players to gain all that back from us. That’s my read on it.’’

    As the current edition of the Vancouver Canucks, widely unloved and now suddenly unfancied, is now trailing 3-0 in the series, Tiger sees in the pervading gloom a chance to begin the redemptive process.

    “People look at me as if I’m a two-headed cow, but to me it’s a bit of karma, for what happened after the seventh game in Vancouver last year. The Hockey Gods making them pay. If they don’t know that the Jedi with the sword is not in their favour, well, they’re going to have to cut the head off the monster and take that sword back.

    “If they could somehow win this now, come back and beat L.A. after losing two games at home — and, gawd, I hope they do — it’d go a long way in mending a lot of those issues.

    “It’s so hard to get respect. But it doesn’t take much to lose it.

    “And once you’ve lost it, as hard as it was getting it in the first place, it’s twice as hard getting it back.”
    I also love the point he makes about Gretzky (and successful teams/players):

    “When you’re in first place, win the league two years in a row, not everybody’s going to like you,’’ reminds Tiger. “You’re in last place, nobody cares because you’re not bothering anybody.

    “There’s always been a dislike for top teams.

    “There was a time, I’d run into people and they’d tell me: ‘I hate Gretzky.’ Why? ‘Because he wins everything.’ ‘Well,’ I’d say, ‘no (bleep)ing kidding. And by the way, ‘Isn’t that the point?!’

    “But that’s the stupidity out there.’’

    What Tiger ignores is that the Canucks scored exactly eight goals in a full seven-game series.

    The eight goals scored by Vancouver is the lowest number of goals scored by any team in a seven-game Stanley Cup Finals.
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    Luongo and being "tough" have overshadowed the real problem, as you mentioned Ink, we can't score goals. Until we fix that problem, I really could care less about being tough.

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    We really must make moves to get goal scorers this offseason. I just don't see how management doesn't see that it cost us last year, and very soon may have cost us this year.

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    Agreed, the biggest problem in last year's finals was the lack of goals. The problem existed throughout the lineup though with the Sedins and Kesler struggling (Kesler was injured) as well as a total lack of secondary options in that series.

    The same issues persist in this series though Daniel is injured this time.

    The question is why are the teams that led the league in scoring in 2010-2011 and was 5th this year struggling to the degree in these series.

    I think the answers lies with the injuries to top guys, a fairly weak second line (Especially with Kesler's strength this season), no trigger pp guy, playing awesome goalies/defensive teams and bad luck. The Sedins getting pushed around in the Finals has to do with Tiger's point well actually. Your top players won't play well if they are getting harassed all the time and thrown off the game. Thats where your 3rd and 4th liners have to establish some order.

    I truly think that if the Canucks squired a great top 6 forward (60 point guy) and a good PP guy, they would fix large amounts of these issues and if they got a few bounces to go there ways they could easily hoist the Cup.

    There is more talent on these last two years rosters than at any other point in Canucks history

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    What bugs me the most is that Hodgson trade. Kassian is young and for the time being, a 4th line caliber guy. Gragnani isn't even playing right now. Hodgson would have beem such a huge piece to have right now, especially with the injury to Daniel. It was a good trade for the future, but it made no sense for a team who was going to be a top seed and needed that piece for this year. That trade I'm sure would have still been there in the off-season. I just cant see what Gillis was trying to do. And it may have cost us a potential Stanley Cup. I'm not saying Hodgson would be the only reason we could win a cup, but he would have been a huge asset to have right now.

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