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    Quote Originally Posted by J4KOP99 View Post
    Talk about regretting a decision. That's one of those situations when you do something and then immediately say to yourself, "Oh ****, why the **** did I do that?"

    Get your head straight Lamar.
    Hahahaha yeah this pretty much sums it up,not only for him but his family as well,I bet kloe chews him up about that everyday because they had to go from LA to dallas I know that sucks. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by amos1er View Post
    He didn't ask for a trade....Thats just what Jim Buss wants you to believe. Here is the proof. Stop drinking the Jimbacco Cool-Aid people. Jimmy dumped Odom to save money for the death tax he will have to pay one day. Jimmy wants to remain majority owner of the Lakers at all costs...Even if it means not winning championships for the next ten years.
    Yeah I know this report,but I remember Lamar saying "how can I still play for a team that doesn't want me here" about Lakers just after the CP3 deal got vetoed.

    Lamar wanted it at least as much as Jim Buss.

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    Lamar simply didn't want to play for them which is why he has sucked this season. There is no way he makes that significant of a drop off with the Lakers.

    Has he handled this unprofessionally? Absolutely. Do I care? No. It happened to the Dallas Mavericks!! In my eyes, L.O did a great job

    Free As Seagull.

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    I'm gonna laugh my *** off, if Odom comes back and signs a smaller (reasonable) contract lol

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    I've always liked LO, he's that X factor when he's got his mind right. Hopefully he has learned not to let emotions get to him because it usually leads to bad decisions... I hope the Lakers sign him for a reasonable contract next year.

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    Lol, this story if funny.

    Even though I would welcome Lamar back I don't think the Lakers FO even at the vets min for several reasons.

    First, if they bring him back on they know that no team would trade for him unless they intended to buy him out immediately after acquiring him after the whole Dallas fiasco. Therefore signing L.O. means he's a Laker until his contract expires.

    Second, the new CBA hasn't changed and until we get under the cap the cost for L.O. will be at least twice the price and saving money is really why they cut him to begin with.
    Thanks for the memories Dr. Buss.

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    oh boy what to do:cry:

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