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    Thoughts on Insanity round 2.

    I googled this but you get a bunch of different answers and it's mostly on message boards so who do you trust.

    Anyway since i'm finally awesome and finally after a long time of owning the disks and quiting, finished the Insanity program. I want to do it 1 more time then start incorporating weights.

    I'm doing the recovery week this week (the stuff between month 1 and 2)

    So when I get done this week and restart next week should I restart with month 1 which is considerably easier or just do 30 more days of month 2. I was leaning towards month 2. I don't think my body will adjust to that hard of work after basically 60 days of it (30 done, and 30 more). Or do you think doing a month of month 1 to change it up would be smart

    I'm at 174 5'11" and right around 35" in my waist. I'd like to get down to a 33ish area on my waist and 165 pounds. The other issue is I'd like to get as close to my goal as possible by the time i leave for a cruise june 7th.


    After i'm done with either 30 or 60 days of insanity (depending on if i'm doing the whole program or just month 2 again) I'm going to do a hybrid of p90X and insanity to incorporate lifting weights etc. I like to work out at home.

    Thank you all.

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    If your goal is roughly one month to achieve your goal, I'd go with month 2. I just think 2-2 and a half weeks into it, your body might plateau.
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    If it was me. I would probably go ahead and just do the p90x/Insanity hybrid (especially if you already own p90x). Would totally throw your body off incorporating the lifting days of p90x. If your going to just redo Insanity I would probably start it over with month 1. Give your joints and what not a break from the pounding they took during month two.

    My wife is going to do the hybrid when she finishes Turbo Fire. I have been debating getting and trying Body Beast for myself.

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