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    Jun 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Blazers#1Fan View Post
    stop talking about your colts!

    the blue ones are sick! gray are sick too! white ehhh not so much,
    better then what we had though and everybody keeps say the steve Largent were nice those were the most boring jerseys ever go look at em
    i remember when falcons & Cardinals switched everybody hated em now people love em

    go look at the nfl picture with all the jerseys on the players the seahawks are the sickest there! sometimes change is needed out with the old its a new Generation!

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    Alexandria, VA
    They are vile. I'm a Seahawks fan and I won't be spending my money on this rubbish. I wish my team remained classy rather then sell out to a bunch of kids who like "flashy".
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    ...And did you see that Giroux goal?

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    I'm liking the grey the most to be honest... Pretty unique look there.

    Helmets are perfect now.

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    Looks like Oregon's uni's

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    Quote Originally Posted by blom85 View Post
    Looks like Oregon's uni's
    They do, at least a little. Now they need 14 other variations, like Oregon has. I can see a matte black helmet with the logo working out nicely.
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    Ugly AF

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    crazy dope

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    ****ing Bruges
    mehhhh . . .eh ah there. . . actually yeah meh's all I got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenstater:21621311
    as Niner fan on this subject cause ill come off like a hater anyways but i think they are kind of weak... i have always loved their helmets, but the jersey itself is kind of lame. i feel like they look like NFL Europe jerseys. the Gray alternate ones arent that bad but the White ones are just plain ugly. why dont they go back to an updated version of the ones when like Chris Warren played? but i like the more classic look anyways. those jerseys were so dope!!! they should have went back to that.
    I may be biased, but I like the Niners unis/colors better.

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    how long til they all wear Master Chief suits
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Having 4 All Pros on offense=fairy tale.
    Having a look in your eye=key to NFL success.

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