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    Flyers Sign FA's Mangene and Konan|PHI|home

    Why do we always sign people whose name is matt? hoepfully they can both be matt read-like, i wathced mangene a little this year and I liked the kid. he kind of broke-out for the black bears this season.

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    Liking what I read on Matt Konan. Plus he's only 20. Mangene is kind of meh, but who knows.
    Don't let this face fool you...


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    solid signings. mangene i feel could go either way, but konan definitely sounds like an interesting prospect.

    he could still fill out a little more and really become a force on the blue line.

    like what i've read about both of them. if nothing else, they end up being great depth for our ridiculously depleted AHL team.

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