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    don't get me wrong, beldugo, i like the 'a' as much as the next guy. but when i started following the braves, they had the screaming savage as their logo on their everyday uniforms. it's more nostalgia to me.

    some people don't like reminders of ugly bits in american history. we've had times of inhumane treatment of groups of people. but this has nothing to do with that. the term 'racist' is being thrown around because people can't separate 'brave' from 'native american.' no one is suggesting that all native americans were 'bloodthirsty' or 'savage' or 'barbaric' or 'maniacal'... but we are named after the class of native americans that did that kind of stuff. it's not bigotry or racist or stereotyping... it's descriptive and more of an homage to native americans.

    samanjerry, i see your position and where you're coming from, i just don't think it's at play here. you don't hear any whining about the YANKEES. many people today consider the word 'yankee' a bad word and new york wears the name with pride. this uniform thing that will be worn sporadically at best is a non-issue.
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