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    Selling Sbisa short a little bit. He's pretty good for the Ducks. He is physical, hits, and blocks shots. Of course he is going to be a slightly minus player they are a terrible team this year but he's a solid young d-man. That said I love what Grossman brings.

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    If that trade never happened this team would look so different today. The Richards deal probably doesn't go down. The Carter deal may have happened but it probably would have been to LA for Jack Johnson or some kind of deal that would net us a dman. Bryz never gets signed. So overall I think it's impossible to say whether it was worth it or not. I just think when you have the ability to go out and get a top dman and future HOF like Pronger you do it by any means necessary

    City of Brotherly Love

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    Pronger gave this team a different attitude. He brought a "Flyer" attitude back to this team. that "we're not gonna put up with your ****" attitude that makes opponents hate to play against you. this team was not going to get that from anyone else.

    Pronger brought Broad St. Bullies hockey back to Philly, and I will forever love him for that.

    I would never undo this trade. never.


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