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    Feb 2009
    I got bored and wanted to bump this thread ahhhh so great

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    Harrisburg, PA
    lol this was a top 5 game last year

    lol bryz

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    Quote Originally Posted by crzyhawk View Post
    That sir, is a classic clip. I can imagine Homer's phone call to Lavi after the game, "No worries man, I did the same thing, but the stick didn't break."
    haha that's great.

    With all the depression that the NHL has put us through, this thread (and more specifically that clip) has quickly reminded me why I love hockey.

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    Jan 2011
    This was a great game, hopefully we can repeat the success we had on them this season.

    Also, the NHL network was re-airing the 2012 Pens-Flyers series almost everyday. I couldn't get enough.

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