I can't place all the blame on Briere's funk solely on Danny.
For a good portion of the season they were juggling his line mates so it was difficult not just for him, but for all the players getting switched around to find a rhythm and chemistry. They basically left him without a line after allowing Leino to walk (good move) and pairing Hartnell with the top line.
They seemed to have found something with him, Schenn, and Simmonds... and with him and Jagr on the powerplay and 4 on 4.
He's picking up assists..I'd like to see some goals but like a lot have mentioned previously the playoffs are coming up and he is fantastic in the playoffs.
He also brings a ton of leadership and is well respected in the locker room.
I'd rather a team like we have now... talent across all lines...very well balanced.. than to have two or three max or close to max salaries and have to live or die based off of one or two players.
Briere's contract hurts but the team is solid and if there was a need there are way's to make a contract work and get under the cap.
Wouldn't be surprised to see JVR go, Carle is turn-overing himself right out of any contract negotiations lately. Don't know what Pronger's status will be for next season, but its not looking good so hopefully they can keep Grossmann or Kubina or both to replace Prongs and Carle.
Definitely see the concern for cap space but they've made it work before I am sure they can make it work now without any huge changes.