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    Relief pitchers are supposed to show massive emotional swings on the mound if they're to be successful.... just like Rivera. Oh wait, no, because we also complain when guys look too emotional out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper 88 View Post
    Just think if we had a amnesty clause like in the NBA we could rid ourselfs of one contract... would it be A-Rod? sourpuss? Teix? or someone else?
    it would have to be Arod, I love the guy but that contract is so bad its not even funny and theirs 6yrs left on it. That 189 mark wouldn't be so difficult with that 27m off the books

    Quote Originally Posted by rrzubnyy View Post
    He is not going anywhere.....This is Randy Levine's mess to deal with and Cashman is laughing his butt off...
    If he has a good yr i wouldn't be surprised if he opted out. The closer market i very thin next yr and with the amount closer were getting paid i could see him looking around.

    If Hughes doesn't turn it around in the rotation soon i could see him getting quite a few late innings

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    sourpuss is still a *****
    30 Team Stadium Checklist: 10 to go

    1) Yankees 2) Orioles 3) Rays 4) Red Sox 5) Mets 6) Braves 7) Phillies 8) Nationals 9) Marlins 10) Pirates 11) Padres 12) Astros 13) Mariners 14) Twins 15) Cubs 16) White Sox 17) Cardinals 18) Indians 19) Tigers 20) Royals 21) Reds

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