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    Jan 2011
    1. Favorite T-Blaze Player- Lamarcus Aldridge
    2. Favorite Former T-Blaze Player- Bill Walton
    3. Other Sports you like-baseball
    4. Other teams you like in the NBA-New Orleans Hornets, New York Knicks
    5. Any other comments- I'm not really active on the forum in general but I just wanted to check in on my favorite team.

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    Jul 2012
    1. Favorite Blazer Player- eh... Lamarcus
    2. Favorite Former T-Blaze Player- Sheed!
    3. Other Sports you like- football, whatever
    4. Other teams you like in the NBA- Seattle SuperSonics
    5. Any other comments- I'm actually a Sonics fan... but Seattle doesn't currently have a team so I will uncomfortably pretend to be a Blazers fan until then.

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    Feb 2011
    1. Favorite T-Blaze Player-LMA
    2. Favorite Former T-Blaze Player-Roy
    3. Other Sports you like-Golf, Tennis
    4. Other teams you like in the NBA-Magic, Spurs, Warriors, Kings, Knicks
    5. Any other comments. Not really.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhymeratic View Post
    Shoot I'd even put up Glen Rice and Mitch Richmond in their prime at or slightly better than James. Even Glenn Robinson who is a forgotten beast.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMeOrHateMe View Post
    Kobe GOAT LOL
    ^Finally got one.

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    Jun 2012
    1. Lillard
    2. Jerome Kersey
    3. Football, Baseball
    4. Only the Blazers. Hate almost every other team but would like the Sonics back.
    5. The Blazers board. The only board where I'll have something in common with Seahawks fan.

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    Oct 2007
    South Seatle,Wa
    Location-Seattle to Portland(raised both places)
    1. Favorite T-Blaze Player(s)-LMA,Lillard,Barton,Leonard,wes,batum,JJ,Paul Allen
    2. Favorite Former T-Blaze Player-Roy,Clyde,Sheed,zbo,rudy,Nate (Coach),Damon,Pippen,Telfair,Webster,i can go all day!
    3. Other Sports you like-Football(hawks,Ducks),Baseball(Mariners),Hockey(WH L:Winterhawks,NHL:Blackhawks)
    4. Other teams you like in the NBA-Future Sonics,nets,kings,6ers,Heat,(& teams that compete and underdogs)
    5. Any other comments. i did this awhile back damn! go Hawks,Blazers,Mariners,Ducks
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