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No kidding it helps. Any QB would be helped out throwing to Calvin rather than some scrub WR. But as for the bolded, thats ridiculous...football just doesn't work that way....case in point....

Drew Stanton: 63 QB Rating with Calvin.
Daunte Culpepper: 64 QB Rating with Calvin.
Jon Kitna: 77 Career QB Rating. 79 QB Rating with Calvin.
Shaun Hill: 84 Career QB Rating. 81 QB Rating with Calvin.
Dan Orlovsky: 76 Career QB Rating. 73 Qb Rating with Calvin.

Or another elite WR...

John Skelton: 67 QB Rating with Larry Fitzgerald.
Kevin Kolb: 77 Career Qb Rating. 81 Qb Rating with Fitzgerald.
Derek Anderson: 69 Career Qb Rating. 66 Qb Rating with Fitzgerald.

Those are the QBs Calvin and Fitz have had recently not counting Stafford and Kurt Warner. Not one of those QBs was even average throwing to the two best receivers in the NFL. I guess you could argue Kolb or Kitna is but they were already average you could argue. Stafford is very good because he's very good...not because of Calvin.
I should have clarified regular starters (or at least significant starters for the case of Hill). I assumed that that was what would've been interpreted rather than career suckjobs (minus Culpepper for a few years).