I don't know how PSD will feel about me promoting another keeper league not on their site.. but:

I am currently in the process of creating the above mentioned keeper league.

It will be 5x5. Roto. 12-14 team Auction. (or Snake depending on how the league feels)
& I currently have 5 teams (including myself)

I have set up a 'proboards' forum for us to keep in contact throughout the year. It will allow us to post fantasy baseball information such as trade talk, keeper rules, and random junk within the league.

I want 12-14 serious managers obviously.. But am only looking for 7-9 additional.

Categories are (Avg,R,Hr,Rbi,Sb / W,Era,K,Sv,Whip) *subject to change accordingly

Keeper Rules... which can be changed based on what the league decides are currently:

- $3 per year added to the previous years salary ( ex. Trout - 2013 $42 .. 2014 $45 .. 2015 $48 )
- Must keep player the round you drafted him

... You can have as many as 8-10 keepers and as little as 0 keepers. * subject to change

I hope that I can intrigue 9 more... I would be willing to chat with many of you to discuss entry in the league. There is no league id or password, as I will only set the league up with Yahoo! once there are 12-14 managers.

Any questions.. just ask