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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic_Canon View Post
    I understand it'd be the smallest arena, but how important it is to have a "full circle" of a crowd.
    Very important.... That would just be... attrocious lmao

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    ^ not really. The end that the islanders shoot at 2x sells twice as well as the other end. If this is just a temporary solution (like you think/hope) it won't be a problem at all. Check out where Ottawa started playing:

    They played for 4 seasons without seats above ice level on one side.

    If this is a more long term solution for the islanders I still don't really care. I'm sure most fans would put up with a few missing seats in brooklyn behind one of the goals. The alternative may be a perfect looking hockey arena in Quebec.

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    Tampa Bay played the first few years at an old building at the State Fairgrounds just outside tampa. Seating was like 10,000, and more suited to bull riding than hockey. They survived until till they moved to St. Pete.

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    Well if it means they move to queens , Nassau, or even in NJ place is NJ moves, then I'm ok with temp at Brooklyn

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    idk if queens is still an option at this point but i think that is the best option behind nassau and before brooklyn and suffolk

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