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    I would not give the Mets anything good for Wright.. he has injury problems himself.. Low Level Prospects for Salary dump is all i would take Wright for no Major leaguers or anything but The Phillies have enough on the Salary as it is..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BFeez View Post
    The Mets are a Mess!!

    They are looking to get rid of serious $$$.
    They will most likely not take his option next year.
    Neither of the statements are true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sexicano31 View Post
    Very small chance that happens. Unless he rides out the final 2 years of his deal and cant play anymore
    Really, why?
    Quote Originally Posted by Crucis View Post
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    and then comes the fact that any extra money you add makes it harder to keep cole hamels long term, because i don't think he will take a pay cut, not after seeing the team pay everyone else large sums of money, and after what matt cain just got, he probably feels he is worth as much or more

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    sexicano31 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thefeckcampaign View Post
    Really, why?
    If he rides out this year and next year and can still play it wouldnt be completely shocking for him to go west to finish his career unless he would take a lot less money.

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