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Back to Back championships baby!!!

Here's a shortened 8 minute clip on the game. If your interested in watching.

Long island tribe, we are in the ugly red jerseys.

This is our quarterback's second year, he's a run first..throw second quaterback who's learning to read through progressions and he's making improvements and hopefully he will be more a complete quarterback which would make him pretty scary.

Oh and number 41 on my team, he's our fullback/tailback..we run some trick 3 RB set's..he use to play for the Oakland raiders.

Our Kicker has hit from 57(he also tried out for the bengals, but lost out too Nugent. But he's got the leg to be in the NFL.

Number 6, who made a nice catch over the middle of the field at like 1:45 into the video, later broke his leg in the game. At the end you can see him being helped too the field for the celebrations.

Enjoy the video, if your interested:

Congrats man